My Story & New Beginnings

In 2010 I launched Good Witch Studio with all the enthusiasm and naïveté  of a novice entrepreneur. I had dabbled in hand-stamping jewelry for a few months, and I really just wanted a way to justify my hobby to my sweet, frugal husband. For 5 years I attended craft fairs, sold online, and kept my little business just afloat. Sadly last year I faced the hard truth that my overhead was greater than my income, and I officially closed my stamping business. I notified the IRS (Yay! No more taxes!), did my last inventory, cancelled my business license, and took my website down to the bare minimum. At least I named my business Good Witch “Studio” rather than Good Witch “Jewelry” to keep me open to other avenues. So a year ago I quietly slunk away with my tail between my legs.

For some reason I could not end Good Witch Studio for good. So like *Spoiler Alert!  John Snow comes back from the dead in GOT,  I’m resurrecting Good Witch Studio. My focus will be on crafting (with lots of Silhouette Cameo projects), gushing over DIY home decor, and connecting with other makers and artists. Cute dog pics, ranting as a Grammar Cop, and worshipping coffee will undoubtedly be included. Thanks for joining my journey.

Just Dive In,